5 Expert Tips for Bear Hunting over Bait

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Over the last decade, Calgary bowhunter Gary Gillet has arrowed several Pope and Young black bears, and this past spring he sealed the deal on his first Boone and Crockett bear. A large part of Gillet’s success is his expertise at hunting over bait. “Animals of that calibre don’t come easy,” he says. “You have to do a lot of …

20 Biggest Black Bear of All Time

20 Biggest Black Bears of All Time

Andrea Whitehead Bears, General

As one of the most popular North American species to hunt, black bears have a certain kind of mystique that captures the imagination of hunters in a primal way. They abide mainly in wooded areas, which makes the pursuit of black bears one of adventure and intrigue. Numbers have also been good in recent years, giving hunters the best chance in the last …