Bear Bait for Sale

Premium Bear Bait

At DOA, we won't sell what we don't use ourselves. Over the years, we've found that these products are proven to be exceptional. Our promise is to provide the best bait possible, at a great price to all hunters. Selection is key to most baits and we have the greatest selection possible to choose from. 

  • $175 | 45 gallon drums of chocolate, jam, jelly, cookie dough
  • $25 | 50 lb bag yogurt squares
  • $20 | 5 gallon buckets of chocolate and sunflower butter
  • $20 | 50lb boxes of dates
  • $20 | 40lb bags of granulated peanuts
  • $20 | 40lb boxes of Rice Krispies
  • $20 | 40lb boxes of sprinkles
  • $18 | 50lb bags of granola and sprinkles
  • $0.45/lb | protein bars

Whether you're looking for a few boxes/bags or a semi load, we've got you covered. Call 1-204-746-5652 or DM us for what's currently available!

* All bait sold is for animal feed and is NOT for human consumption

Premium Bear Bait for Sale

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