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Over 25 Years Experience

Growing up on a small farm in Southern Manitoba and being blessed with having thousands of acres of prime hunting land to hunt on, I (Darryl) have always been an avid outdoorsman and hunter. Starting my bear hunting (guiding) career over 25 years ago in Northern Manitoba working for another outfitter, I have always been passionate about this sport. Then, getting into the waterfowl approximate 20 years ago I realized the great opportunity that came along with this business. It's all about meeting great people (now great friends) and creating all the memories for both the clients and myself that resulted in DOA. I live where I grew up and know the area like the back of my hand. Our lodge is "smack in the middle" of some of the best bear hunting North America has to offer and our Saskatchewan waterfowl is second to none.

DOA Outfitters - Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts - Manitoba Bear Hunts

We Waterfowl hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada and Bear hunt in Manitoba, Canada. With over 2000 square miles of prime bear area and exclusive rights to over 100,000 acres of prime waterfowl habitat, we cover alot of ground.

Dylan & Darryl Kantimer

Father/Son Team

In 1998, Dylan (son) came into the picture and now all grown up is following in his dads' footsteps, and is a partner with DOA. Dylan has chosen to make guiding & outfitting his career and he too will work hard to form relationships and create his own memories for both him and his clients (friends) that will last a lifetime.

Working together as a TEAM, we will ensure you the best hunt possible. We are a smaller scale operation (not high volume) and you will always have one of us personally working for you.

What Makes us Different

We work hard, all year round, and ever quit trying to better what we already have. Dylan and Darryl are "hands on" and will always be right there with you. Our staff are some of the best people you will meet.

Manitoba speaks for itself and is one of the best bear hunting locations on the planet. We have lots of bears and it is not uncommon to see 10-20 bears on site.

Honestly, we use the BEST bait possible and will NOT cut corners on this. It's crucial to give bears a good selection and keep the baits full.

We run a "fair" hunting lodge. No mater if you've been here 10 times or 1 time, everyone is treated the same.

DOA Outfitters - Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts - Manitoba Bear Hunts

DOA's Lodge & Equipment

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With top notch guiding services, equipment and prime hunting land, DOA ensures a quality hunt each and every year.
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